Wolf Mountain - Ski Lifts

Name Len Vert Type Time Runs From Comments
Pelican 800 190 Double Chair 05:00

Red Hawk 2368 500 Quad Chair 07:00

Lower Falcon 1400 300 Double Chair 02:00

Falcon 3000 800 Double Chair 05:00

Golden Eagle 5500 1400 Double Chair 09:30

Raptor 3000 1100 Double Chair 06:00

Spotted Owl 2400 1000 Double Chair 06:00

Condor 6600 1800 Double Chair 13:12

Condor lift runs the length of the ridge towards Condor peak. It is a long slow double chair, very exposed to the wind especially near the top. It leads to a wide variety of runs from intermediate upwards.

Rat Ridge, the run which follows the line of the lift is primarily a blue cruise. There is one steeper section near the top, but with a cat track for less confident skiers. The final part off the run is usually left ungroomed and also has an easier alternative.

From the top of the lift it is possible to hike a further four hundred vertical feet to the summit and ski the expert bald eagle bowl area.

To the south of the ridge, there is a whole series of steeper chutes, which are never groomed and as a consequence, are graded double black, but which are not that difficult when snow conditions are favourable.

Saddleback 5263 1235 Quad Chair 10:30