Wolf Mountain
Saturday, 17 February 1996


Started sunny and then clouded over with some wind especially on the high ridges.


No fresh snow for two weeks, so packed powder and spring conditions.


Skied alone and took a group (of 1) lesson, which really improved my short turns. Told to get new boots.

Vertical (feet)



Lift Vertical Easy Runs Intermediate Runs Advanced Runs
Golden Eagle 1400 Salamander Marmot
Condor 1800 Rat Ridge
Raptor 1100 Salamander, Manatee Marmot
Falcon 800 Tiger, Gray Wolf
Golden Eagle 1400 Salamander, Panda
Spotted Owl 1000 Sea Lion
Condor 1800 Upper Boa, Lower Boa
Raptor 1100 Black Bear
Condor 1800 Rat Ridge
Condor 1800 Rat Ridge, Lower Boa Leopard
Condor 1800 Rat Ridge, Lower Boa Wolverine
Condor 1800 Rat Ridge, Rat Ridge Jaguar
Raptor 1100 Gray Wolf, Tiger Mountain Beaver
Total vertical 21600

Last updated: 05/03/97