Wolf Mountain
Wednesday, 15 February 1995


Bright sun and blue sky. Rather cold. Maximum 25F.


Perfect conditions. About 10" of fresk powder snow on a solid base from a storm the previous day.


Wolf Mountain used to be called Park West. When conditions are good it remains one of the best value lift tickets in Utah at $25.

Not a good day. Once again John was frustrated as he found skiing more difficult than he remembered. We took a couple of easy runs and then joined the mountain tour.

John lagged behind and claimed to have hurt his knee (not very convincingly). We stopped skiing around mid morning and resorted to the cinema in the afternoon.

Vertical (feet)


Easy Runs

Tiger- Large expanse of groomed snow leading down to the base level. Not too steep.
Gray Wolf- Groomed run along ridge. John found this a little deceptive and lost his skis several times.
Minnow- Shallow cat track.
Big Eared Bat- Easy run down to the bottom.
Panda- Easy groomed run from top of Golden Eagle lift.
Upper/Lower Manattee- Easy run to base area

Intermediate Runs

Mountain Beaver- Ungroomed, so skied harder than its blue rating. Soft powder on an uneven base.
Marmot- Ungroomed run, steep and powdery in places.


Lift Vertical Easy Runs
Lower Falcon 300 Tiger
Total vertical 300

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