Wolf Mountain
Saturday, 08 March 1997


Started fine promising to be very warm, but clouded over and started to snow at around midday. By 1:30 blizzard conditions prevailed.


Started crisp and softened up as the sun came up.


Lift Vertical Easy Runs Intermediate Runs Advanced Runs Expert Runs
Golden Eagle 1400 Marmot, Sea Lion
Spotted Owl 1000 Trout
Saddleback 1235 Trout Viper
Saddleback 1235 Homing Pigeon, Zebra
Spotted Owl 1000 Red Kangaroo
Condor 1800 Lower Boa Leopard
Condor 1800 Rat Ridge, Lower Boa Hyena
Condor 1800 Lower Boa, Rat Ridge, Gorilla Bowl
Condor 1800 Rat Ridge
Condor 1800 Caribou Crocodile
Condor 1800 Caribou Crocodile
Raptor 1100 Bobcat Cheetah
Raptor 1100 Tiger, Gray Wolf Mountain Beaver
Total vertical 18870

Last updated: 08/03/97