Andy's Handy Rating System

1-10 The easiest of greens. Great for learning, perfect for your first day or two but probably boring to even the 2nd day skier.
11-20 A nice easy cruiser. Perfect for the solid beginner, or those who desire a nice run without much pitch.
21-30 For those who are making the transition from beginner to intermediate. Contains both beginner and intermediate pitches.
31-40 Solid intermediate run with medium steepness.
41-50 Middle of the road terrain. Intermediates will be challenged, advanced will feel comfortable.
51-60 Tough blues. Maybe a diamond for some pitches but, on average, intermediate stuff.
61-70 Single diamond stuff. Steeper than tough blues, but not that hard for advanced intermediates.
71-80 Solid advanced terrain. Advanced intermediates should think twice.
81-90 Steep terrain, any type of snow, moguls etc. Challenging but not yet extreme. Should be a solid advanced skier.
91-100 Experts only! Anything in this category should not be skied by anyone who has ANY skiing apprehension.


Acknowledgment: Pulled off the WEB from the Copper Mountain WEB site.